Peter Jantke

Commercial Artist - Queensland Australia

I am a commercial artist living in the S.E Queensland region of Australia. This gallery displays samples of commercially based imaging and artworks in various categories. Please click on the gallery of interest in the spinner above to go to the dedicated page.

For over 20 years I have supplied artworks in various commercial applications for private clients and my own series of manufactured products. I have personally drawn or painted every image in our catalogue and on this website. The artworks have been used for a wide range of applications including cartoons, graphic artworks, illustrations, logos and product identities. 

Our base product range is manufactured in our studio and includes;

JAS Stickers® - This is our trademarked range of outdoor waterproof and UV resistant vinyl stickers. The range consists of a wide range of image subjects for women and men, young and old. We have sold them in both retail stores, and online on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and our own online store (Click here to see the index) 

JAS Art Prints - A range of decor and art reproduction canvas prints using our own copyright owned images. These prints are available as the base canvas or in a stretched and finished form. (Click here to see the index) 

JAS Table Mat Sets - These are again made using our copyright owned artworks. They are a PVC based high resolution and laminated print and come in sets of six. (Click here to see the index) 

Thanks for visiting my website. Please contact me for any enquiries

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