Product Quality

We take great pride in our products and only purchase the highest quality materials. The combination of the latest in solvent inks and polymeric grade adhesive vinyl gives us a long lasting, waterproof, durable product. They are removable but not re-usable. Everything we sell is manufactured by us in our studio to our high personal standard. We have been manufacturing our products since 2002.

Fade Resistant, Waterproof & Long Lasting

Because the stickers are printed using polymeric grade vinyl and a solvent ink digital printing system, they are highly resistant to UV exposure and completely unaffected by water, car washes, dishwashers, sea water, hard or turbulent weather or strong wind. Due to our quality base materials, our stickers are known for their longevity. The polymeric vinyl we use is rated to last five years. They are scratch and ultra-violet resistant, tough and durable. Naturally, stickers placed in non-direct ultra-violet light will last longer than those facing full sun exposure. Stickers exposed to constant shock, hard polishing, scraping, grinding, high pressure water or steam and any other extreme exposure will wear out faster.


As they are completely waterproof and can be used for virtually any indoor or outdoor purpose from automotive to general household uses. The stickers are made with the adhesive side at the back and therefore designed to go on the outside of any object it is applied to. They are designed for almost any indoor or outdoor application including cars, trucks, motorcycles, caravans, bicycles, aircraft, boats, laptops and computers, plastic bottles, toys, cups, pots and toolboxes. General applications from windows and glass, plastic, metal, painted surfaces, walls, bathroom tiles, in fact virtually any clean smooth surface you would like to personalise with your individual style.

Contour Cut to Shape

Every sticker is cut to the shape of the image and all stickers are separate decals in the multi-packs. There are no white borders or overlapping laminate. The cuts are crisp and intricately follow the contoured shape of the design. All stickers included in multi-packs are an independent and separate decal.

Available Sizes

Most of the stickers are available in multiple sizes and are listed as small, medium or large. All available sizes are listed in the information on the product pages. These sizes include the individual sticker sizes and the number of stickers included in the pack. The sizes listed are in centremetres (cm) and inches (“). Custom sizes are available for every design in our range and can, on agreement, customised for any commercial use. Please contact us directly for further information and a quotation.


Every design used in this collection is the personal artwork of Peter Jantke and all manufacturing is done by the artist at his studio in Queensland Australia. We only sell our products through our own website, and on our sites on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Any products bearing our name or artwork sold outside of these sites are not genuine. Please contact us directly for any confirmation.

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