Product Quality

We take great pride in our products and only purchase the highest quality materials. The combination of the latest in solvent inks and hard wearing, reinforced polyester fabric makes our table mats a long lasting, waterproof and durable product. They are also coated with an acrylic seal for extra strength. The table mats and coasters are printed using high resolution digital printing systems producing brilliantly colourful and crisp reproductions. All packs come with matching drink coasters and are available in six or four packs depending on the design. Everything we sell is manufactured by us in our studio to our high personal standard. We have been manufacturing our products since 2002.

Fade Resistant  & Long Lasting

Because the table mats are printed using an outdoor sign industry grade PVC vinyl and a solvent ink digital printing system, they are highly resistant to UV exposure. Due to our quality base materials, our products are known for their longevity, scratch resistance, toughness and durability. They will retain their colour, free of fade for many years of continuous UV exposure.

Easy Clean

Our table mats and coasters are completely waterproof and can be cleaned using soap and water (Non dishwasher). The base material is designed for long term outdoor use so they are very durable for all household applications.


The Table Mats are designed for general household dining use. Please do not place items at or above boiling point on the mats. Do not microwave or place into a dishwasher.


Every design used in this collection is the personal artwork of Peter Jantke and all manufacturing is done by the artist at his studio in Queensland Australia. We only sell our products through our own website, and on our sites on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Any products bearing our name or artwork sold outside of these sites are not genuine. Please contact us directly for any confirmation.

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