Photo Repair & Modification Service

With over 25 years of Photoshop, art and illustration experience, we have skills required to repair the worst, remove the unwanted and restore the most severely damaged photos back to their original state.

Burpengary, Queensland.

Ph: 0423 824 714 

Your memories don't just belong to you, they're the legacy of everyone in your life. Preserving these precious snapshots of time gives everyone in them their special place in your shared histories. That's why its so important that these priceless heirlooms be there forever. Remembering good times and bad, the faces of the past, the special days, the places gone, those who are here and those who have passed, all come back to life so vividly in your mind.

Photo repair and restoration is a service that goes way beyond software. Artistic skill and illustrational knowledge are the edge needed to not only get the greatest out of the software, but reconstruct the image at the most base level. Modifications like colouring black and white's or adding / removing people or objects require skills in colour knowledge and perspective.

There's nothing worse than a poorly modified image where you can see the repair or that something 'just doesn't look right' about it. The best photo repairers are the ones who leave no trace. You may know the image has been changed, but you cant see where.


Custom Photo Layouts on Canvas

The combining of multiple photos on to a single print to create a complete story, tribute or favorite memory. An elegant and beautiful way to remember the best people, times and experiences of your life.

~ In Memoriams & Life Story Collages ~
~ Pet Celebrations & Remembrance ~
~ Births, Weddings, & Family Reunions ~
~ Sports, Games & Awards ~
~ Birthdays, Anniversaries & Special Occasions ~

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Pricing and Payment Options

With this service, every job is different so we have simplified the pricing structure into four categories. The following images are samples of these categories.

The following examples should give you an idea of the cost, however please contact us for a accurate quotation.

Light Repair

~ Minor scratches , marks and blemishes outside of major areas.
~ General colour corrections, bleaching and light fade.
~ Simple background changes or removal of minor objects.
~ Overall clean up and noise reduction.

Prices range from:
$30 to $80

Medium Repair

~ Damage to a major area or character.
~ Scratches , marks & blemishes surrounding the major areas.
~ Convert black & white's to colour.
~ Complex background changes using multiple photos.
~ The addition or removal of up to two people or objects.
~ General colour corrections, bleaching and light fade.

Prices range from:
$80 to $120

Heavy Repair

~ All levels of damage from heavy to severe.
~ Complex modifications and artistic enhancements.
~ Collages and the combination of more than two photos.

Prices from:

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