JAS Stickers Wholesale.

We are proud to offer our JAS Stickers range of outdoor vinyl stickers to distributors and wholesale purchasers selling through retail shops or online platforms.

Wholesale purchasing is available to product distributors and anyone who sells retail products from bricks and mortar stores, club or groups for fundraising, direct sellers or online stores and platforms on a discounted rate for volume purchased’ basis. Please read the following information, and if you wish to obtain a wholesale account, register using the 'Register' link above.

Two types for different applications

The stickers come in many different sizes and colour options and we also have specific packaging to suit retail store hanging (with a cardboard headercard) or online sellers (kept as light as possible for freight weight advantage). To select your desired stock, there is a selection button on the checkout page.
All stickers in the JAS Stickers range are priced the same regardless of packaging.

Online Sellers

This version is designed with freight weight in mind. The header is printed on to the sticker sheet and its placed into a plastic bag with a light backing board inserted for strength The stickers are individually cut out on the sheet.

The freight weights are:
Template 1 - 16 grams (0.56 oz) - Sticker only.
Template 2 - 25 grams (0.88 oz) - Sticker only.
Template 3 - 36 grams (1.27 oz) - Sticker only.
Template 4 - 150 grams (5.29 oz) - Enclosed in mailing tube.
Template 5 - 256 grams (9.03 oz) - Enclosed in mailing tube.

Retail Stores

This version is designed to hang on standard shop display hooks. They're only available in Template 1, 2 and 3 sizes as all other sizes are supplied in postal tubes and therefore not able to be displayed for sale. A tough cardboard header is stapled to the stickers sheet over the plastic bag and backing board inserted for strength. There is a standard die cut hole in the header for display hooks.

This version is available for any store seller or business wishing to display the stock for general customer perusal on standard point of sale display hooks.


The wholesale purchasing rate is available to product distributors, retail stores and outlets and online platform sellers. We will also supply the stock for the purpose of fundraising to clubs, groups and institutions. We restrict wholesale sales of this stock to confirmed retail sellers only so a confirmation of the selling of the purchaser needs to be established before we will supply. The discount rate is only applied to the JAS Stickers range and not available (yet) to our other products.

To register, simply click on the 'Register' link above and insert the information required. The information also includes information in regard to qualifying your wholesale status. This can be your business registration number or online platform identification. You will be automatically issued with a user name and password. After your registration is completed, you will receive an email to confirm your wholesale status. The email contains two links. One to change your password if desired and the other to login to your wholesale account.

Please login and open your dashboard where information including shipping, previous orders supplied, change your password and to log out securely.
Click on the 'Address' link and submit your billing and, if different, your shipping addresses. This will be automatically included on all future orders.

Receiving the Discount

After you have logged into the website, the shopping cart will collate your order in the normal way and the discount is automatically calculated on the shopping cart page. You will see your discount rate depending on the purchased volume displayed and its monetary value at the bottom final price calculation. You can access this information anytime during placing your order by checking the shopping cart

Discount Rates

The discount rates depend on the volume of stock purchased. The discount is applied to the final price excluding freight costs. The standard rate of discount are as follows (All values are in $AUD. Discount rates quoted are off the listed recommended retail price (RRP): 
Minimum purchase $100.
Between $100 and $249.95 - 20% discount of RRP.
Between $250 and $499.95 - 30% discount of RRP.
Between $500 and $999.95 - 40% discount of RRP.
Between $1000 and $2000 - 50% discount of RRP.


For any orders greater than $2000, please contact us for special rates.

Duties & Taxes

All purchases made over this website are completed using Australian based servers and banking institutions. All stock supplied to wholesale customers is made and stored in Australia before being freighted to the overseas buyers.  Jantke Art Studio has a sales tax obligation to the Australian government for all Australian purchases only. Customers in other countries and jurisdictions and responsible for complying to their own countries tax rules, declarations and monetary obligations. All freight leaving Australia will be marked 'Duties and taxes to be paid by receiver'.

In many cases, this compliance requires the purchaser to register their intention to import with their local authorities and be issued with importation numbers or identities. The customers tax identity may also be required on these declarations in regard to importation duties and taxes.

With all overseas freight, Customs authorities require declarations including contents and values of all products entering the country. In most cased, large volume or wholesale stock is easily identified and may be treated differently to that of private purchasers. This can lead to stock being stopped at the check point due to Customs regulations regarding commercial stock not being followed correctly. Before purchasing, please contact your local taxation and Customs authorities and obtain the correct importation regulations. Generally, this information is required by Customs authorities to be attached to the outside of your package.

On our Checkout page, there is a space to enter any information required to be placed on your stock in compliance to your countries requirements. We take no responsibility for stock that gets stopped at Customs and border checkpoints that does not comply to importation and taxation regulations of you country. Any freight costs associated to stock returned to Australia due to customs failures at the customers end will need to be deducted from the purchase amount.


We use an Australian freight company contracting freight through DHL and UPS. Unless otherwise instructed, all freight will be sent using this company. If you require a different freight company, please enter the information in the same space on the Checkout page and above. Any costs associated with changing freight companies above our standard charge will need to be added to the purchase amount.   

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