Computer Generated Imaging
Making the unreal real

Computer Generated Imaging (CGI)

From the designer’s desk to photo-realistic 3D imaging

Its far easier to get the approvals and financing for your projects before they begin with real to life, detailed images displaying the finished result, before the machines are turned on or a shovel breaks ground.

What you see is what you will get!

Using traditional illustration skills with computer programs including Autocad, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, we have been engaged in making technically accurate images for architectural and marine applications for many years. When these images are rendered using this variety of software titles, it gives you the ability to take the best from the best resulting in stunningly life like visions of your designs. We can work from the designers 2D technical drawings or computer generated images.

Where ever possible, we will use pictures of the designs intended background to fit the image too, giving the realistic finish and helping to identify other issues that haven’t presented themselves before production begins. It gives prior knowledge of landscape needs or colour options before the materials or equipment are purchased. We can also show multiple colour choices to be presented to clients for final approval. These issues can be sorted out and finalised well before the actual process begins. The designers can begin to promote and sell the project before its completed.

The images generated can be formatted to be used in signage, all forms of print media and any internet requirements you may have. For all enquiries, please contact us directly.

Commercial Cartooning
Getting the message straight

Commercial Cartooning

There’s nothing more boring than a workshop manual!

They are vitally important to how a company runs, safety operations policies, technical procedures and correct equipment operation. It’s essential that your staff not only read them but understand their message.

How to get your messages across!

Workshop and safety manuals are BORING! It’s hard to get your staff to read them thoroughly and to take them seriously. Adding humour with cartoons can change this completely. The need for people to be trained correctly can be a simple matter of getting the information to them in an easy to understand and interesting volume that displays the required technical information as well keeps them entertained.

If they can relate to the characters, they're more likely to remember the massage. It’s by far better to show a cartoon character making the mistakes and suffering the consequences than your staff for so many reasons including their own and their workmates health and safety, equipment miss-use, correct operational procedures and client relations all of which have massive ramifications for your business. Cartoons stick to people’s memory and explain with examples, exactly why certain rules and procedures must be followed without the pain that comes from getting it wrong.

All cartoons are hand drawn by Peter Jantke and can be formatted to be used in signage, all forms of print media and any internet requirements you may have. For all enquiries, please contact us directly.

Photo Retouching
Even the sky isn’t the limit

Photo Retouching and Modification

Virtually everything on a photo can be manipulated, repaired or modified.

For over 20 years, we have been repairing and modifying photographs for professionals and private clients alike. There really is no limits to what can be done.

Never believe a photo

The service includes:
* Restoration to damaged photos from light to heavy
* Adding or removing people or objects
* Changing backgrounds or enhancing and cleaning up of unwanted items
* Colouring black and whites
* Formatting collages of multiple photos onto a single file to display a life’s story or special occasion.

We can complement this service with the use of our printing equipment to supply large format images on photo paper or canvas. For all enquiries, please contact us directly.

Graphic Art Services
There’s nothing better than having a good looking graphic

Graphic Art Services

Putting it all together well in the end is what makes it all worth it.

Being originally trained as a graphic artist’s, we use these skills to put it together in the end in usable, easy to understand formats to suit all requirements.

Good looking graphics are a must

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on the rest, if the end result isn’t good, you’ve wasted your time and money. We offer this service, usually for the completion and practical formatting of our other services into easy to use and understand applications depending on your marketing requirements. This can include manuals, books, flyers, signs, letterheads, websites and any other printed or online needs.

Along with traditional graphic art tasks, we combine our digital imaging, cartooning, free hand illustration and photo manipulation experience together with the graphic art skills to produce your required media needs. For all enquiries, please contact us directly.

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