Artist Peter Jantke
Queensland Australia

Welcome to my art gallery. I am an artist living in South East Queensland, Australia.  This gallery displays my paintings and illustrations under various categories. I generally work in oil paints and pastels and graphite pencils. The individual galleries below describe their content, mediums and image themes. 

Every image in this gallery and used in our business on all of our products and services  are my personal works and it all starts from this traditional art base. The website is a mixture of traditional art, limited edition and decor prints and a range of products all made using my artworks.

To read more about my art style and history, please go to the About Us page. The businesses information is found at the top of the page and my art bio is located at the bottom. Thanks for visiting my gallery. As a working artist, I am always working on something new so please feel free to return to see my latest work. 

Paintings For Sale

The paintings and illustrations in this gallery are currently available for sale. Click on the thumbnails to go to the details page. Links to prints and other related products are also available on these pages. 

Art Gallery Archive

The following galleries contain a selection of images from the past and present. They include fantasy art that I call 'Petes Art', Australian Native and African animals,  life drawings and kids art. I have always used three main mediums for my traditional art being oils, pastels and graphite pencils.
Further information about the individual paintings and illustrations are available on the details pages. Please rotate the carousels to locate the desired image and click to see the pages. 


Pete's Art

This gallery contains the paintings and illustrations I have done in my own style. I love to do fantasy art. In my style, I try to describe my characters and scenes using colour and form. I have added other dimensions like multiple light sources or even perspectives to emphasise the theme or parts of the image and in some, I have included a fourth dimension, an extra image inside the picture.  There are also some illustrations depicting famous military battles. I feel illustration describes these historical scenes and allows the finer detail required to do them justice. Mediums include oil on canvas, oil pastels and graphite pencil illustrations.  Further information about the individual styles I have used, please click on the thumbnail and go to the details page. 


This gallery contains images of Australian and African native animals and birds. I love to paint nature, but particularly birds. The artworks are oil paintings, pastels and some graphite pencil illustrations. Most of these images are available in print form as well as other products, all available from the detail pages. Please rotate the carousel and select your desired image to go to the individual pages. 

Life Drawing

Every image in this gallery started out as a life drawing. The sketches were usually around thirty minutes and when finished, I selected a few to complete in my studio later. True to my 'style', I have used colour and form to describe the personalities of the characters and the completed scenes emphasised this theme. 

Kids Art

Over the years I have done many drawings and illustrations for kids that have been used in all manner of media. Some were done for individual children and others for purely commercial applications. Here is a small selection of images.

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